Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kingdom Dreams

Dear friends whom we love!

We are back on the road!  This break has been incredible, beautiful, refreshing, cleansing, renewing....all things that are good.  We have hung out with our families and friends, shared with some churches what God has been up to, and had some amazing intimacy with our Jesus.  He has excited us all over again about what he is going to do with and through us throughout the next six months of this journey.

We are actually not headed to the northwest quite yet.  Through some neat people that we met while we were in Atlanta, we were hooked up with some equally as neat people named Glenn and Teri who are just now beginning a ministry called Kingdom Dreams.  After a skype date with Teri mixed with checking out their website Kingdom Dreams Tour it was apparent that we share similar hearts for this nation. God has called us to different work but given us the same desire to see his kingdom come. We have joined them to share life as the beginning stages of their dream unfolds.

Kingdom Dreams has a heart that beats for the people in America who want to find their God given desires, passions, and ultimate visions.  They are equipped with coaches who are ready and willing to help people fight through the questions and difficulties that come alongside a desire to dream big.  They also put on conferences in each city that they travel to with hopes of making connections.  They want dreamers to meet other dreamers so that passion can be stirred and connections can be made. They have taken these desires to the streets of America on a six week tour. God gave the team a Luke 10 style vision for this journey. They packed their cars as well as their families and hit the road prepared to live in tents for the next six weeks.  They cling to the leading of the holy spirit as they walk through each day knowing that He alone is the one who brings clarity and He alone brings joy when the rest of the world would be anxious (Phil. 4). They are true and pure examples of what it means to love the Lord at all costs...and they are more than happy to do it.

They were  unsure how things would go since it was their first conference but they were faithful in prayer that God would receive glory....and he did. We watched the Holy Spirit stir up the hearts of his people. Seeds were planted, dreams were pushed forward, and connections were made. As the conference came to a close, we rejoiced and gave glory to God for the work he had done that day. The marveling didn't stop at the church. We returned to our campsite with the team.  The founder of AIM (Adventures in Missions), Seth Barnes also joined us. There we sat with a lakeside view in our lawn chairs eating hot dogs and chips. In the midst of all of his beauty, which literally does scream of God's eternal power and divine nature (Romans 1:20), we bragged on God and encouraged one another in our faith. There is a love that God has given his people that surpasses any type of worldly love.  1 Peter tells us to love one another deeply, from a pure heart.  Because of our common first love, our love for one another seemed to flow pretty naturally.

We talked for hours about what God is doing in VanGo, Kingdom dreams, and AIM.  Though we are heading in different directions across this world, we are leaving with the same purpose....that is, showing off our Jesus in whatever way we can.

We will be working alongside Kingdom Dreams for another week before we prepare to head to the northwest. Holler! :)