Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trust Me.

We get asked constantly, “What’s next?” “Is VanGO going to last forever?” 
Sometimes, I wonder if we are completely irresponsible because these questions seem far too big for us to figure out. They seem out of our reach. Out of our control. 
We have come up with ideas...1. After Tacoma, VanGO will continue to the east side. 2. We will start an organization that allows gap-year college students to trek the U.S. in vans to learn and do as we have been able to. 3. Screw it all, lets find some husbands and move back to our 409 in Texas!
But they are all ideas...ambiguous possibilities that may or may not be God-Given.  Do we want answers to give people? Yes. Do we want answers for ourselves just out of a selfish desire to see the future? Yes. It seems unfair sometimes. As if God is keeping something from us. Like a mean big brother or a best friend who knows the ultimate secret but won’t tell you a word! 
On Thursday nights we are going through “The Story of God” with some people from The Pathway.  It is a 10 week story formed version of Scripture, all the way from Genesis to Revelation. We are on week 7 and so far there seems to be one central theme that keeps standing out to me. Throughout history and throughout scripture God seems to constantly be telling his people, “Trust me.” Sometimes he literally says it..sometimes he just screams it through his actions. 
- God told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit...Trust Me, “You will surely die.” 

- Noah looked like a crazy man to the world as he built a giant boat for unheard of rain...He was told, Trust Me, “I will establish my covenant with you.” 

-Abraham and Sarah couldn’t have any babies even though God promised him to be the “Father” of many nations.....God insists, Trust Me, “I will make you exceedingly fruitful.” 

-God’s people were finally freed after hundreds of years of slavery. While running from their enemies they ran into a giant sea and started freaking out...Through the mouth of Moses God reminded them, Trust Me, “The Lord will fight for you, you have only to be still.” 

-God’s people were waiting for a Messiah to come and save them...God sent Jesus to say, Trust Me, “I AM..the shepherd, the door, the way, the truth, the life, the resurrection, the bread of life, the Messiah.”

-A blind man couldn’t see, a deaf man couldn’t hear, a lame person couldn’t walk, and Mary and Martha buried their brother...all just to be told, “Trust Me.” 

-When the disciples thought that Jesus was dead, the empty tomb shouted, “Trust Me.” 
Is this getting repetitive? is a pretty repetitive and annoying concept. It sounds especially annoying when we are worrying about things like our future jobs and husbands. 
Regardless of what we have said to you in person, over the phone, on skype, or even at the church services that we have spoken at...the truth is, we still have no idea what is next. Right now we are working through the summer for The Pathway...heading out in August. Our lease is up in June. We will be completely out of money soon and our van is broken down. 
Is it irresponsible that we don’t have answers to fix these future problems? Maybe. As of now, I don’t feel is as if all I hear is a resounding, “Trust Me,” from the same God that has brought us this far. 

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