Monday, December 5, 2011


In our last post we talked about sitting at the table waiting for God to provide....and He has. As you might know, we are planning on staying in the northwest for 6 more months.  That means we will be way up here in the middle of the winter. Stupid scary considering we are from south-east Texas. Not to mention that its not survivable in a van. So, we needed an apartment...which meant we needed a job...which left us fearful that our purpose in being here (givin the church some needed hands and feet) would be drowned in our necessities to survive.

God changed our survival plans, as he continually does, and replaced them with his perfect plans. He taught us once again that when he asks us to do something, he will always provide the perfect way to make it happen. God gave us jobs that will provide us short-term housing as well as leave us open to serve the church the way God initially asked us to serve. We will be working for the church! Jenna-Kids Ave Director and Stacie-Intentional Community Groups director.  Those are basically fancy titles that mean: love the church(through Jesus), love Tacoma (through Jesus), and bridge any gaps that are separating the two(through Jesus).

Side Note: It is so crazy the different roles and places that we have found ourselves in throughout this whole trip. :) It's so fun and so random but so stinkin perfect! Seriously.

Continuing point: We hope to begin laying the foundations in these positions for the next six months or until God calls out the people who will carry on these roles indefinitely. The jobs are suppose to be part-time jobs but we will give our hearts to them full-time because God has made that possible. He is so good.

He said something like, "If I feed the birds, dontcha know that I'm gonna feed you too?" (Matt 6:26)
He said something like, "If your son asks you for a fish are you gonna give him a snake?" (Luke 11:11)

God gives the best kinda gifts. The End.


  1. Hey girls, this is supper cool because many people have been praying for those specific things since you posted them! I love it when God comes through giving us what we need and what we're ASKING for!